Kayak Colour Guide

Das-King Kayaks are offered in a wide range of colours. See samples of various boats below.

Black Cherry

angler pro in black cherry

Pictured: Angler Pro Kayak

Urban Grey Camo

Angler Pro Kayak in Urban Grey Camo

Pictured: Angler Pro DLX Kayak

Storm Camo

Storm Camo Kayak

Pictured: Titan 2 Kayak

Blue Cloud

Ocean Kayak

Pictured: Brizo Ocean Kayak

Forest Camo


Pictured: Hercules Lite Kayak


Riviera Kayak in Sunrise

Pictured: Riviera Tandem Kayak

Purple Haze

Ocean Kayak

Pictured: Calypso Ocean Kayak

Caribbean Blue

Titan DLX Kayak in Caribbean Blue

Pictured: Titan DLX Kayak